Stored Product Pests

Stored Product Pests (Moths) - The Facts

Stored product pests belong to two orders:

  • Moths (Lepidoptera)
  • Beetles (Coleoptera)

Listed below are some stored product pests:

  • Indian Meal Moth (plodia interpunctella)
  • Mill Moth (ephestia kuehniella)
  • Warehouse Moth (ephestia elutella)
  • Australian Spider Beetle (pinus tectus)
  • Biscuit Beetle (stegobium paniceum)
  • Larder Beetle (dermestes lardarium)

Stored Product Pests will attack a wide range of foodstuffs; these include cheese, wheat, peas, raisins, nutmeg, linseed, tobacco, rice, lentils, sultanas, cinnamon, cocoa, barley, figs, cloves, and coffee. This is not an exhaustive list. When bulk foodstuffs are found to be infested by these pests, then treatment by fumigation would be recommended.


For treatment in domestic premises is required, it is important to identify what pest we are dealing with as we can then locate the source of the infestation. After positive identification has taken place, it is important to carry out recommendations that we give to you regarding disposal of infested goods, and cleaning of the infested area. This will allow effective treatment to take place.

Stored product pests can be introduced into your home through you buying goods that are already infested. You buy the goods, use some of them and leave the rest in the open packet inside your food cupboard. As the food is already infested, eggs can hatch and the full life cycle can take place inside your food cupboard.

At first you may not notice anything, but as the infestation increases, you will begin to see many of the pests inside your food cupboards. At this point you will require professional help.