Cockroaches - The Facts

Cockroach Control:

Cockroach Control is needed because of the high risk to the health of humans, it is vital that cockroaches are controlled and eliminated where possible. To control cockroaches we use GEL BAIT this type of bait is used in areas where cockroaches are active. For Cockroach Control the type of bait we use has the effect of killing a number of cockroaches from one feed. This is known as the “Domino Effect”.

How it works:

How it works is that one cockroach feeds from the bait and dies, as cockroaches are omnivorous and are also cannibalistic this means that they will eat other dead cockroaches. If a cockroach eats a dead cockroach that has consumed some of our gel bait, this will kill the other cockroach. This “domino effect” can work up to 25 times; this means that from one cockroach eating some of our bait, 25 cockroaches can be affected. As you can see, this treatment is very effective and we have had amazing results with it.

Another method:

Another method of control we may use if the conditions are correct is to use insecticidal sprays. We would normally use these only in external areas where a large area has to be treated, and normally against oriental cockroaches. As we become more environmentally friendly towards the planet and ourselves, this method will slowly but surely be phased out over the coming years.

Cockroach Detectors:

Cockroach Detectors are a method of detection that we use. These are sticky pads impregnated with a cockroach pheromone. These would only ever be used for detection, never as a method of controlling cockroaches.

Oriental Cockroaches (blatta orientalis):

The Oriental cockroach is dark brown to black in colour. It is approximately 25-30mm in length when fully developed. The male has very short wings, and the female is wingless. These cockroaches prefer cooler damper conditions and can often be found living outside, and will also live in sewers. They are normally found at ground level although they can sometimes be found higher up.

German cockroaches (blattella germanica):

The German cockroach is much smaller in size approximately 12-15mm in length when fully developed. It is lighter brown in colour with two dark stripes on the body. Both males and females have wings the length of the body. Females carry the egg cases until they are ready to hatch. Cockroaches prefer much drier humid conditions and are often found in kitchens both domestic and commercial. These cockroaches are much easier to eradicate than the oriental cockroach as they are surface living which means that they are easier to find and control, they also emit a aggregation pheromone which keeps the group close together. These cockroaches are able to climb on smooth surfaces due to sticky pads on their feet. Oriental cockroaches cannot climb on smooth surfaces as they lack the sticky pads. Oriental cockroaches are able to climb on rough surfaces like brickwork.

Diseases carried by cockroaches:


Cockroaches are known to carry this disease. This can be passed on to humans through contaminated food, work surfaces, and utensils. Cleanliness is vital in the fight against this pest.


This disease can be fatal if undetected. It can be passed on to humans through cockroaches which in their eagerness to find food will consume almost anything they can chew, and often vomit undigested material containing disease organisms.


Dysentery is another disease that has been found in cockroaches infesting premises and is a particularly nasty infection to deal with.


Gastroenteritis disease is carried by cockroaches some of the symptoms include diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps and fever.


Cockroaches are known to carry human hookworm, dog hookworm and tapeworm. Hookworm can live inside the intestine and can cause iron deficiency and anaemia. In severe cases this can be fatal and in children can cause severe growth and developmental problems.