Parasites as Pests - The Facts


In previous sections, we described bed bugs and fleas, these are both parasites, and as they are major pests in pest control we have given them a section each on their own. There are a number of other blood sucking creatures that exist and can cause distress for us all should we encounter them. It should be noted that some parasites may be carriers of disease in some countries.

Listed below are some of the parasite of humans and animals that we may encounter in our lifetime.

  • Body Louse (pediculus humanus)
  • Crab Louse (phthirus pubis)
  • Head Louse (pediculus humanus)
  • Scabies (sarcoptes scabiei
  • Sheep Tick (ixodes ricinus)
  • Bird Mite (dermanyssus gallinae)


For any of these parasites listed above would require a visit to your doctor or for your animals a visit to the veterinary surgery. All of the human parasites would be treated by your doctor; the animal parasites would be treated by your vet although you may have to take some other precautionary measures. All animal bedding would have to be given a very hot wash, dry cleaned or thrown away. The area around the place where the animal sleeps may require treatment with a suitable insecticidal spray.

Delusory Parasitosis:

There is a medical condition known as Delusory Parasitosis. People suffering from this condition are convinced that their home is infested with insects that are constantly biting them. There is no treatment that we pest controllers can offer for this condition. The only recommendation we would make would be a visit to the doctor.

I have personally encountered people who suffer from delusory parasitosis during my years in pest control, I had a call out to an elderly man’s home where he was convinced that he was being bitten by numerous insects, during my questioning it became apparent that he was suffering from delusory parasitosis when he told me that the insects were of many different colours and that they were dropping on him from the ceiling above his bed. He was convinced that he could see them on the ceiling whilst I was there; of course there were no insects