Coronavirus Disinfection Service


Coronavirus cleaning and disinfection service for homes, offices and commercial premises.

Protecting and maintaining a safe working and home environment will be the main priority for everyone as the Coronavirus epidemic continues to disrupt the lives of everybody in the UK.

If you think you have been in contact with anyone who may have contracted the Coronavirus or are looking to disinfect your home or workplace then we can help. We have already started to treat hundreds of properties to reduce the risk of infection.

Monarch supply expert decontamination services, and can treat the following:

+ Health care facilities
+ Restaurants
+ Businesses
+ Office and reception areas
+ University buildings
+ Rented properties
+ Schools
+ Coronavirus/Covid 19 cleaning

+ End of sterile tenancy cleaning
+ School prevention cleaning
+ Nursing home sterile cleaning
+ Gym prevention cleaning
+ Medical centre cleaning
+ Home sterile cleaning
+ Office infection control cleaning
+ Doctors surgery sterile cleaning

Monarch Pest Control Services can offer the perfect solution to assist your sanitising & coronavirus infection control needs. Cleaning and decontamination services are vital steps in safeguarding the public and your customers.

Coronavirus/Covid 19 infection control cleaning


If you suspect that your business premises, your customers or any of your staff may be at risk from infection from the Coronavirus contact us immediately. Monarch can carry out coronavirus infection control on your premises to safeguard your staff and equipment.

Dedicated Team:

Our dedicated team can efficiently and professionally treat all types of premises including offices, commercial premises and homes to the appropriate standards, with Ultra-Low Velocity treatment to give your business a clean bill of health, peace of mind and allow you to keep on trading.

How soon can you carry out treatment?
How long does the infection control services take?
How soon after treatment can your business be operational?
What touch-points would be cleaned?
How soon can you carry out treatment?

Due to the high demand for infection control services amidst the coronavirus outbreak, our services are in high demand and site visits will be allocated on a strictly first-come, first-serve basis.

How long does the infection control services take?

This all depends on the size and the area we are treating. No one can be present during our treatments and the site has to be vacated whilst the disinfection control treatment is being applied.

How soon after treatment can your business be operational?

After decontamination of your premises, you are able to re-enter four hours after the treatment has been completed after which it can be used.

What touch-points would be cleaned?

The frequently touched surfaces within your premises are likely to include the following:

+ ​​Desktops and work surfaces
+ Door handles, doorplates & door knobs
+ Light switches
+ Computer keyboards / Mouse
+ Telephone equipment
+ Chairs
+ Canteen furniture
+ Sinks and kitchens
+ Toilets – Taps / Flushers / Dispensers
+ Water fountain points
+ Vending machines
+ Tablets and digital devices
+ Lifts and escalators
+ Handrails

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